Company Profile

After years of honing their craft as reviewers of major fields in nursing in various review centers, five visionaries met last December 23, 2003 to lay the blueprints of what is to become The Royal Pentagon.   A depot of all the teachings of time, the output of the senses from hundreds to thousands of faces, minds and souls, the founders chanced upon in the year that was.  With the fire of enthusiasm, and the dreams as boulders, the seasoned skills mustered, the proud and victorious students as the matrix, the confidence and Gods’ grace as the very foundation, the founders moved on to concretize THE ROYAL PENTAGON REVIEW SPECIALISTS, INC. which opened in 16th of July, 2004.


THE ROYAL PENTAGON REVIEW SPECIALISTS, INC. is an aggrupation of competent, seasoned and committed reviewers. Its Board of Directors and core lecturers are popularly known in the review centers in the Philippines and abroad as “THE MAGIC FIVE”: Mr. Gerardo P. Andamo- THE CHN PRACTITIONER, Mr. Jerome E. Balisnomo-THE MCN SIMPLIFIER, Atty. Glenn R. Luansing-THE LEGAL EXPERT, Mr. Michael U. Jimenez-THE PSYCH WHIZ and Mr. Ferdinand B. Valdez-THE MS MASTER.


The “Magic Five” and Pentagon’s Board of Directors:

  • Jerome E. Balisnomo (President)
  • Ferdinand B. Valdez (VP for Operations)
  • Atty. Glenn R. Luansing (VP for Finance)
  • Michael U. Jimenez (VP for Marketing)
  • Gerardo P. Andamo (Executive Secretary)


Barely more than a year after its establishment in 2004, The Royal PENTAGON Review Specialists, Inc. became the top performing review school for Nursing.  It is the choice of graduates from 216 universities and colleges of nursing all over the country. PENTAGON boasts of 98% passing rate with top placers in the nurses’ licensure examination.


In 2014, PENTAGON’s review strategies and methodologies refined by time and polished by experiences find praxis in new fields: EDUCATION and CRIMINOLOGY. PENTAGON tapped the experts in these professions and produced unprecedented results: very high passing rate with top placers.  After two years, PENTAGON commenced its review program for PSYCHOMETRICIANS. In no time, PENTAGON conducted review programs for graduates from state and city universities that elevated their ranks among the top schools in their field.  At the end of each season PENTAGON conducts comprehensive outcome and impact evaluation of its review program and strategic planning for the next review season.  Like a crude precious gem, PENTAGON makes cuts and curves that bring brightness and luster to the perseverance and dedication of students towards triumphant results in the licensure examinations. The eternal flame of commitment of PENTAGON will never cease. With God’s graces and guidance, PENTAGON continues to touch hearts, minds and lives!


And here we are, ready to press on and push our bounds further… We leap across the barricades of commercial education and profess genuine academic skills which the general students can afford, we mightily brush aside the “innuendo” of the times and bring to promising professionals the accessibility of global competitiveness… this is the dream that has now become the flesh of The Royal Pentagon walls.  Knowledge conceived and integrated in our minds, seasoned in our hearts, and echoed by our voices in the corridors of the center is now theirs for the taking.



PENTAGON is committed to the development of competent, people-oriented and ethical nurses who are qualified and prepared to assume professional practice in any setting.



PENTAGON implements a holistic educational program that assists in deepening theoretical grasp, in enhancing potentials and in instilling positive values of future professionals.



PENTAGON believes that:

  • Learning must be evidence-based.
  • Learning starts where the learners are.
  • The actual needs of students must be identified.
  • Curriculum development is an outcome of thorough learning need analysis.
  • Learning process must be holistic, competency-based and dynamic.
  • The content of learning highly considers the trends of the current professional practice.
  • Monitoring and evaluation are vital components of the learning process.
  • Content, strategies and methodologies must be constantly assessed to further improve the learning process.
  • The success of an educational institution lies on its ability to develop theoretically-prepared, confident and analytic students successfully hurdling professional examinations in the noblest and most effective manner.



  • Camaraderie
  • Esprit de Corps
  • Unity
  • Egalitarian
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Dignity